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Would you like to work in a restaurant and make use of your great customer service skills?

Resto-Bar Le Shack is presently hiring dynamic candidates

Would you like to work in a restaurant and make use of your great customer service skills? Le Shack is always on the lookout for qualified people to join its team of waiters, dishwashers, cooks, busboys, etc.

Please send us your application by email, by regular mail or drop it off in person. It will be our pleasure to meet with you. Who knows, you might become part of the Le Shack team! 

We invite you to send your resume to our attention using the following links :

- Waiter
- Dishwasher

- Suiteur(se)

- Cook

- Sous-chef 

- Busboy

- Chef 

- Hostess/host

- Manager

Serveuse Resto-Bar Le Shack
how to reach us:

2001, ch. Du Village, Mont-Tremblant
(Québec) J8E 1K4

Telephone: 819 681-4700

Fax: 819-717-1249

Thank you for your email. We'll get back to you in the next 48 hours.

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